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Every so often we read about young girls getting pregnant. Unplanned pregnancies are events that cloud their almost perfect life. Truth be told, young girls are supposed to be concerned with the latest fashion, gadgets or going out with friends and partying. But when things go out of control and they let their guard down, suddenly everything seems to fall apart.

And when an unplanned pregnancy does happen, most of the time the first thing heard from these young girls is “I want to put my baby up for adoption!” Sometimes, the words are uttered so callously that it sounds like it’s not a big deal, that pregnancy is something that can easily be taken care of.  What they don’t realize is that making such a decision can impact their lives tremendously and forever.

Unplanned pregnancies do not happen to young girls alone. This thing also happens to mature, adult women. Some of them may welcome it and be genuinely happy about it. But there are also some who are just not ready for a baby and cannot imagine having to fit a child into her life. This is sad, but true.  So, we hear them say the same thing.

But honestly, what does the sentence “I want to put up my baby for adoption” really entail?

It’s not as simple as asking your friends or family if they know anyone who wants to have a baby and then just give it to them. There is a process that needs to be followed. You have to consult a lawyer or an adoption agency to find out what your options are.  If you are a young girl going through an unplanned pregnancy, support from your parents is important for they will help you make the right decision. If, on the other hand, you are a mature, adult, career woman, your friends will be your support system. I don’t think that going through the process of giving up a baby for adoption should be done alone.

Whatever your reason may be for putting your baby up for adoption, make sure that it is really what you want or what is best for the baby. This decision shouldn’t be done out of selfish motives. If you truly believe that your child is better off being someone else’s child, then by all means consult an adoption specialist and start making plans.

“I want to put up my baby for adoption” shouldn’t be said lightly. Ponder on it and make sure that at the end of the day you know what you are doing and you will not regret the decision you have made.

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