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Give your baby up for adoption

The decision to give your baby up for adoption is one of the hardest things that you’ll ever do. The idea of relinquishing your right to adoptive parents is unselfish at best but just the same it will cause you hurt and pain for quite some time.

A lot of people will not understand, at first, why you want to give your baby up for adoption. They can be so harsh in judging you even to the point of making you feel like you are a bad person. What they don’t realize or don’t want to understand is the fact that there are underlying factors as to why you choose adoption for your baby.

From what I read and understand, one of the main reasons why women opt to give up their babies is because they are too young to have them. Majority of babies given up for adoption are those born of young girls barely out of high school. And the most logical thing to do is look for families that can take better care of their baby.

There are also those who get pregnant but are not married and think that having a baby will disrupt the normal cycle of life they are accustomed to. Just like the young girls who have unplanned pregnancies, they too think that they are not ready for a life of motherhood. We should also understand that there are women who do not think that being a mother is their thing. It may be a result of how they were raised or the experience that they had with their own mothers. No matter what reason they may have in giving up their babies, it is a choice that they can only make.

I feel that more than judging these women for deciding to give up their babies it is more appropriate to understand their situation. If giving up their baby will mean a better life for their offspring, then they should by all means do it. Our society is full of misguided children because their parents cannot take care of them or raise them well. They either end up on the street or in juvenile homes.

I actually support women who want to do this as long as their reasons are noble and mostly for the baby’s sake. I would even encourage those who have unplanned pregnancies to give up your baby for adoption if you cannot and do not have means of supporting your child. There are thousands of couples out there that don’t have children and are eager to have one. Give them and your child the chance to have a better life together.

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