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Give your baby up for adoption

In the United States of America, 49 percent of pregnancies are unplanned. This percentage includes the number of pregnancies occurring both inside marriage and those occurring to single women; which according to studies, have shown that around 468,988 babies are birthed through teenage mothers each year. 50 percent of all these sadly, result in abortion.

If you are one experiencing the same dilemma of an unwanted pregnancy, there is another way, a better way to deal with your situation. Always remember that you have to option to give your baby up for adoption.

Giving your baby up for adoption is something that would benefit all three parties that would be involved, you, your baby, and the would-be adoptive parents. Adoption not only gives you the option of giving a better future for your child for whatever reasons you may have, but also the aspiring parents whom you would give your baby up for adoption to.

Only people faced with such a trying decision really know how hard it is to go through with giving up a child. It is said that if you haven’t felt the difficulty yet, then it means you must give more thought to it. Make sure to seek counsel and advice from people you look up to like loved ones and close friends who have your, as well your baby’s very best interest at heart.

Should you ultimately decide that adoption is what’s best for you, these are a few pointers or steps that will help you through it:

First and foremost, what you have to decide on is which type of adoption would work best for you. There are two types of adoptions, a “closed” adoption is one wherein the agency you choose to handle the adoption, will be the ones to pick where to place your child after being given birth, leaving you with very limited, if any, say in the decision-making matters. For some people, the process of giving their baby up for adoption can be so overwhelming that they feel the only way they can go through with it is to be as emotionally, mentally and even physically distant with the whole process. On the other hand, there are those who would still very much like to be as hands-on as they can and choose to go with an “open” adoption in which they may even choose whomever they feel would be best to be the ones who will be their child’s adoptive parents.

Although choosing to give your child up for adoption is a very hard decision, it doesn’t necessary mean that it should be all that difficult. Nowadays, there are a lot of potential benefits for birth mothers including counseling and support, financial help with prenatal and delivery expenses as well as legal expenses and attorney fees.

Although giving your child up for adoption may be difficult, it can also be the most selfless, and noble act you can do for your child to ensure him/her gets a better chance for a brighter future.

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