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I want to adopt my baby

People have different reasons for wanting to adopt a baby. Some couples choose adoption after unsuccessfully trying for many years while others just want to genuinely help. For some individuals who don’t have spouses, it is one way for them to still be blessed with a baby even without having a biological partner. Whatever the case may be, choosing to adopt a baby is something that benefits all three parties involved, the adoptive parent(s), the baby, and the birth parent(s).

Before adopting though, there are several things to keep in mind:

Adopting a baby is a very delicate process, and one that can be very overwhelming and could take a long time to go through. If you’re thinking that you can just go to an agency, meet the requirements and go home with a child, you obviously have to read on it and do more research. Aside from being expensive, adopting a baby has many concerns starting with questions like “how long does it take for it to be finalized?” to “what kind of adoption should I choose?”

Adopting a child has two very different options that you may choose from. An “Open” adoption is one that allows the birth parent(s) to pick whom the adoptive parents would be. This is a very common practice nowadays in which adoptive parent(s) will be presenting themselves to the agency and the birth parent(s), and upon being picked, will work with them closely. A good thing about an open adoption is that most of the time the birth parents allow the adoptive parents to also be there at every doctor meetings and check ups and even on the birth itself. In accordance to this, open adoption also allows the birth parents to still have access or a limited access (depending on your agreement) to the child even as he or she is growing up, allowing the birth parents to still be a part of the child’s life. However, adoptive parents should no longer fear the possibility of the birth parent(s) taking the child back; this is because after the adoption is finalized, the rights of the birth parents are taken away by the court.

On the other hand, some people would rather choose to have very limited interaction among the birth parents and the adoptive family. In this case they can choose a “Closed” adoption. In a closed adoption the birth parents are not in control of whomever the agency places their baby with as adoptive parents. For some, this is ideal in order to avoid confusion of the baby as he or she grows up and keeps it simple.

If you ever want to adopt a baby, you should first know your options and the agency or family well before committing. Always do your research. Know the history of your agency, their success rates and stability as well as knowing the background of the baby really well. It is always wise to ask yourself first questions like “Why am I choosing to do this?”, “How much am I willing to spend to ensure a better future for the baby?” and even things like wanting contact with the birth parent(s).

Remember, adoption may be very overwhelming but it can also be the most rewarding experience that you may be able to have.

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